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e-Skids 17.5 MV Plug-and-Play Power Solution ID: 215469

  • 103 units available as a batched.
  • Skid power solution guarantees safe, reliable network connection in a 13.8 kV/380-220V skid-based plug-and-play substation.
  • Units house all necessary components of a complete substation such as power transformer, electrical equipment, protection, and control systems, auxiliary AC/DC services.
  • 380/220V Output (other voltages as per customer option).
  • Applicable Areas:
    • Power Plants.
    • Mining.
    • Industry.
    • Temporary Installation.
    • Events.
    • Revamps.
    • Working Sites.
  • Transformer Specifications:
    • Primary Voltage: 13.8/13.2/12.6/12.0/11.4 kV.
    • Power: 2000 – 1500 – 1000 – 750 500 300 kVA.
    • Primary power connections: Triangle.
    • Secondary power: 380/220V.
    • Secondary Power Connections: Star with neutral.
    • Connection group: DYN 1.
    • Frequency: 60 Hz, 50 Hz optional.
  • Location: South America.
  • Contact for more information.

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