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Buying and Selling Your New and Used Mining and Milling Equipment
It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy or sell equipment, our team will give you the advice and service you need. If we don’t have what you need we can often find it for you. If you own or know of quality equipment that is available do not hesitate to contact us.

Selling New and Used Equipment
Savona Equipment is an industry leader in selling Mining and Milling Equipment. We have some of the most experienced staff in the industry. Not only do we have a top sales team but a full staff of fabricators, welders, electricians, and mechanics to insure the reconditioned equipment we sell is in top condition.
If you have equipment you want to sell go to Sell and List Your Equipment to create an account and upload you equipment within minutes.

Buying Used Equipment
The Used Mining and Milling Equipment we purchase can be for a wide range of applications as well as various sizes and condition. When purchasing used equipment we inspect the equipment to assess its condition and determine the labour and parts that will be required to restore it to full working condition.

Although we do have some customers buy our used equipment without being reconditioned, most often they require equipment that is fully prepared for operation on their mine site, processing plant, or milling operation. In both cases it is important for us to determine not only what parts need to be replaced but how available the parts are.

When dealing with older equipment, parts can be difficult to find. We make every effort to store parts but with our equipment ranging from Laboratory and Assay Equipment to Heavy Duty Mining and Milling Equipment it can be difficult. If you know of good quality parts or equipment for Underground Mining, Ore Processing, Placer Mining, Open Pit Mining, or Milling Applications please contact us with the information.

Why Sell Your Equipment Through Savona Equipment?
When a potential buyer contacts us for equipment we have listed they are not just seeing the equipment listing, they are seeing the name behind it.
We sell hundreds of items on consignment each year. We are connected to not only end users but have a working relationship with many dealers in the industry. When you're selling through Savona Equipment, you not only guarantee your equipment will be seen by potential buyers around the world but also that our team has the expertise to provide that buyer with right information and consultation to make them confident they are getting the right equipment. When we sell your equipment on consignment we are putting our name and reputation behind it and that means not only quality service for you but also for our buyers.

Equipment Storage
Savona is located in the interior of British Columbia, Canada in a semi-desert area. It is ideal for storing large equipment outside in a secure location. We have secure storage containers for equipment that must be stored indoors. Generally we only store items on consignment but exceptions can be made.