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Mine Heaters

Mine Duty Blowers & Mine Heaters for Sale
Savona can supply complete mine air heating and ventilation solutions with airflow capacities ranging from 20,000 to 2,500,000 SCFM. Our inventory includes Mine Air Heater, Main Supply and Exhaust Fans, Interconnecting Ductwork, Silencers and Plenums. We sell Mine Ventilation Heating Systems in both Canada and the United States. Mine Air Heaters come in the following configurations: Portable, Permanent, Direct Fired, Indirect Fired, Horizontal Discharge, Vertical Discharge, Single Fan and Multi-Fan. Mine heaters are capable of burning everything from Natural Gas and Propane to Waste Oil! Mine Duty Blowers and Heaters are designed to meet the severe application conditions found in typical mine environments. Please contact us with your mine heater requirements.