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Teck Cable

New and Used Teck Cable for Sale
Savona Equipment is an industrial teck cable wholesale supplier. We will buy, sell and consign your teck cable and supply all industries including pulp and paper mills, chemical labs, mining sites, and petrochemical & manufacturing industries in a broad range of applications, especially where cable may be subject to mechanical damage and corrosive chemicals. Commercial applications for teck cable include apartment buildings and commercial complexes. Teck cable is a rugged, durable cable of versatile construction proven through many years of service in the most demanding industrial and resource industry applications.  Please Contact Us for any inquiries.
Teck Cable Sizes Available
Our available sizes are #14 AWG - #1 AWG Teck Cable, 1/0 - 4/0 Teck Cable, and, 250 MCM - 1000 MCM Teck Cable.
Types Of Teck Cable Available                                                                                                                           
Our Teck Cable inventory includes Composite Teck, Multi-Conductor, Single Conductor, Shielded, Non-Shielded, and VFD Teck Cable.