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Carolina Conveying Bulk Bag Unloader ID: 251677

  • Includes:
    • Support Dish
    • Access Module and Feed Tube
    • Mild Steel Framework
    • Pneumatic Pinch Bars
    • Feed Tube with
      • Pneumatic Spout Clamp
    • Massage Paddles
    • Manual Controls
  • Construction: 
    • 304 Stainless Steel on Material Contact
    • Industrial Enamel Painted Mild Steel Balance
  • Lower Framework: 
    • Heavy Duty 4'' Square Tubing
      • with Rigid Bracing
    • Modular Construction
    • Four Feet for Bolting to the Floor
  • Upper Framework: 
    • Heavy Duty 4" Square Tubing
      • with Rigid Bracing
    • Modular Construction
    • Adjustable Height Lifting Frame Support Rack
  • Bag Lifting Frame:
    • Heavy Duty with Four Lifting Lugs
    • Full Length Forklift Channels
  • Location: Eastern USA

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