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1,100 TPH ThyssenKrupp Double Roll Crusher ID: 1352796

1,100 TPH ThyssenKrupp Double Roll Crusher

One Primary Double Roll-Sizer, Type DRS1000x2000, and One Secondary Double Roll Crusher, Type WS14/20

  • Make: ThysennKrupp
  • Capacity: 1,100 TPH
  •  Model:
    • Primary: Double Roll-Sizer, Type DRS1000x2000
    • Secondary: Double Roll Crusher, Type WS14/20
  • Condition: Good, Appears Unused

  • Technical Data:
    • Primary RollSizer DRS 1000 x 2000 Center Sizer
      • Type: DRS 1000 x 2000 Center Sizer
      • Roll Width: 2,000mm
      • Distance of Rolls: 1,000mm
      • Feed Opening: 2,100mm x 2,000mm (Approx.)
      • Number of Crushing Rolls: 2
      • Peripheral Tip Speed of the Rolls: 2.1 m/s Low Speed (Approx.)
      • Type of Drive: Dual Drive (Not Included)
        • Power Required: 2 x 250kW
        • Speed: 1500 RPM
      • Two Mechanical Drives Incl.
        • Curved Tooth Coupling
        • Spur Gear Reducer with Oil Lubrication
        • Fluid Coupling Including Elastic Coupling
        • Parallel Shaft Speed Reducers
      • Protection of Drive Fluid Coupling: Reversible Rolls
      • Protection of the Drivetrain:
        • Speed Monitor to Indicate Stoppage of the Rolls
        • Hydraulic Fluid Coupling with Overheat Protection
        • PT 100 to Control the Temperature of the Bearings
      • Crusher Housing:
        • Side Walls and the Front Walls - Bolted and Welded Design
        • Bearing Housings for the Shaft Bearings
        • Standard Wear Protection for the Crushing Chamber
      • Crushing Rolls
        • Two Rolls, Supported in the Side Walls by the means of Antifriction Bearings (SKF/FAG)
        • Replaceable Crushing Tools (Including Special Tool for Exchanging of Crushing Picks)
        • Sealing Arrangement of the Antifriction Bearings

    • Secondary Double Roll Crusher WS 14 x 20
      • Type: WS 14 x 20
      • Roll Circle Diameter: 1,400mm (Approx.)
      • Roll Width: 2,000mm (Approx.)
      • Roller Shell Material: High Alloyed Steel
      • Feed Opening: 1,500mm x 1950mm (Approx.)
      • Number of Crushing Rolls: 2
      • Peripheral Speed of the Rolls: 6.5 m/s (Approx.)
      • Roller Gap: 80mm, Adjustable
      • Roller Tension and Protection System: Dual Hydraulic Cylinders
      • Type of Drive: Fixed Speed Drive with Different Velocity of Each Roller
        • Floating Roll: V-Belt Drive and Speed Reducer Gears, Flexible Coupling
        • Fixed Roll: V-Belt Drive and Speed Reducer Gear, Flexible Coupling
      • Required Drive: Not Included
        • 2 x 315kW
        • 1500 RPM
      • Two V-Belt Drives
        • Base Frames with Slide Rails
        • Gear Reducers
        • Flexible Couplings
        • Hydraulic Tensioning Devices
        • Pulleys and the V-belts Incl. Protection Hood
      • Protections of the Drivetrain: 
        • Speed Monitor for the Rolls
        • PT 100 Temperature Control of Bearings

  • Weight: 107,180kg Approx.
  • Location: Europe

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