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Kelsey J1300 Centrifugal Mineral Jig ID: 1184267

Kelsey J1300 Centrifugal Mineral Jig

  • Make: Kelsey
  • Model: J1300 
  • Style: Centrifugal Mineral Jig
  • Condition: Used
    • Feed Rate: Up To 25 Tons Per Hour Solids
    • Feed Sizing: <500µm
    • Optimum Feed Density: 35-40% Solids
    • Spin Speed: 150-250 RPM
    • Pulse Rate: 1800-2400pm
    • Stroke Amplitude: 2-3mm
    • Cut Point: 3.0-6.0sg
    • Elutriation Water: 300-600 L/min
    • Internal Screen Sizes: 200-600µm
  • Nominal Throughputs to 25 TPH
  • Continuous Production Capability
  • High Capacity to Space Requirement
  • Adaptable to Feed Variations
  • High Mechanical Reliability
  • Automatic Screen Cleaning Systems
  • Integrated Lubrication System
  • PLC Control Compliant
  • Heavy Duty, Rubber and Ceramic Lined Construction
  • Inspection Hatch

  • Location:

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