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MTU-Marelli 2.2 MW Generator Package ID: 177460

  • MTU diesel engine.
    • Manufactured in Germany.
    • Model: 16V400G83.
    • Year: 2008.
    • Certified to EPA Tier II standards.
    • Max. power: 3351 bhp @ 1800 rpm.
    • Power: 2,280 kW.
  • Marelli generator/alternator.
    • Year: 2008.
    • Continuous duty type.
    • 2,250 kVA.
    • 480V.
      • 60 Hz.
  • Deep Sea electronics.
    • Model: DSE8610.
    • Control mode.
    • Remote radiator.
  • Units service history:
    • Preservation plan has been in place with these units since they have been decomissioned.
    • Plan includes:
      • Oil circulating pumps that cycle oil throughout the entire engine every 30 min, 24 hr/day. 
        • This keeps all internal engine components lubricated.
      • Engine heaters kept running in order to maintain a desirable temperature in the engine.
      • Space heaters in the generator ends to keep the moisture levels extremely low.
      • Cooling system was filled with a special liquid and capped.
      • Rotated to prevent flat spots.
  • Quantity: 2.


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