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Ep. 1 Electrical Boss - Testing Repairing & Replacing Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

Testing Repairing & Replacing Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

In this video we took an old 600 volt Westinghouse 3 Pole 250 Amp JDK moulded case circuit breaker with good contacts and used a new 600 volts Cutler Hammer 3 Pole 250 Amp HJD Breaker with worn contacts refurbish the Westinghouse breaker.  


We took a breaker that looked old due to age of the breaker.  This breaker still had good contacts.  So we took a breaker that looked new, but had worn out contacts and took the front casing from the newer looking breaker and put it on the older looking breaker.  You can do this with breakers that are the same Frame style.  



We also changed out the trip unit.  If the breakers frame style are the same the magnetic trip units are interchangeable between the breakers.  The Trip unit depends on the load that the breaker is for.  It may be rated as a 250 Amp breaker but running a motor or feeding a branch circuit that is only drawing 150-200 Amps.  You would then rate the trip unit accordingly.  In our video we replaced the old trip unit that was not adjustable with an adjustable trip unit that was rated at 150 Amps.  


We also demonstrate how easily you can fix old breakers with parts from other breakers.  We explain how to operate and test a breaker, and inspect the inside of the breaker for wear and worn parts. These breakers can be $1500 - $2500 CAD new and we sell a used refurbished one for $700 - $1200 CAD


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