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Tamrock 322 Hydraulic Drill Attachment ID: 145822

  • Tamrock Hydraulic Drill Attachment.
    • Model: 322.
      • Equipped with:
        • R25 rope thread shank adapter.
        • John Deere quick attach plate (mounting to excavator boom).
        • Hydraulic quick attach connection box.
          • Complete with remote control.
        • Hydraulic tilt ram: 3 in. x 16 in. stroke.
        • Saver Dan Foss hydraulic motor.
          • Model: DS-100.
        • H60 driving chain feed (up and down).
        • 10 ft. slide.
        • 8 ft. change.
        • Manual centralizer.
      • Overall dimensions:
        • 39 in. wide x 12 ft. 4 in. long x 4 ft. deep.

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