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My Christmas List

My Christmas Gift List by Jerrod Downey

I have a big list this year.
Call me greedy but it is what I really want.
You don’t have to give me everything I’m asking for…but please do your best.
Please make sure to have your friends and family celebrate my birthday.
I want as many people there as possible.
On the morning of my birthday please tell your family you love them.
It just puts people in the right mood to celebrate.
Take time to help those in need.
I know it is my birthday party...
But I truly don’t mind you taking time to help those who are less fortunate.
Can you make this day a little more about me and not about material things.
I love the idea of giving gifts to others on my birthday
But I think the focus is becoming too much on what we get and not what we give.
In fact can we all be a little less greedy this year?
I know that is asking for a lot but I promise it will benefit you as well.
Also can you please stop judging others by the way they look?
I created everyone unique and different for a reason.
Don’t you understand I came to bring peace and goodwill to everyone...
Not just people who look, talk, or think like you?
I have another tough one…can you please stop fighting one another.
You are destroying the world I came to save.
People should not fight on my birthday or anyone else’s birthday.
Lastly please be thankful.
I didn’t come to this world for me.
I came for you.
And everything on my Christmas gift list is for you.
Call me greedy but I really hope you get everything on this list.

Merry Christmas