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Speed Reducers

New and Used Speed Reducers for Sale

Savona Equipment is an enclosed gearing wholesale supplier with a wide range of gearboxes, gearheads, speed reducers, and gearmotors, plus the expertise to select the best one for your requirements. We will buy, sell and consign your speed reducers inventory in a number of standard configurations, with a wide range of available ratios to provide maximum efficiency. Our supply of enclosed gearing includes right angle gear boxes, shaft mounted reducers, and inline parallel shaft reducers meet your specifications.

Gear Reducer Definition: A speed reducer slows electrical currents in power transmission to protect against surges, and to make dangerous levels usable for normal applications. Gearboxes are used for speed reduction and torque multiplication. A hybrid term of “gear reducer” is also commonly used when talking about gearboxes.. Another common term is gearmotor, or geared motor. This is simply a gearbox (or speed reducer, or gear reducer) with a motor directly mounted to the input. Please contact us with your requirements.