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Veracio Part 3: TruScan® 2 Takes Orebody Analysis to New Heights with HyperXRF™

In this episode of Mining Now, we're joined by Dr. Cari Deyell, Principal Spectral Geologist at Veracio, to explore the integration of hyperspectral analysis into the TruScan platform. Dr. Deyell provides invaluable insights into how this technology is revolutionizing core analysis in the mining sector.

Learn how Veracio's cutting-edge technology is streamlining workflows and enhancing decision-making processes in mining operations worldwide. Dr. Deyell sheds light on the significance of hyperspectral data and its seamless integration with XRF analysis, offering a glimpse into the future of mining technology.

Whether you're a seasoned industry professional or a newcomer looking to stay ahead of the curve, this episode offers valuable knowledge and insights. Be sure to watch, like, and subscribe for more engaging discussions on the latest innovations and trends in the mining industry. Join us as we navigate the exciting frontier of mining technology together - only here at Mining Now!


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