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Blasting into the Future: Orica's Dynamic Digital Solutions

Orica, known as the world's largest provider of commercial explosives, is venturing into the digital realm, revolutionizing the mining industry. In this episode of Mining Now, Jerrod Downey sits down with David Reyes, senior manager at Orica's Digital Solutions division. David shares insights into Orica's journey from traditional blasting services to cutting-edge digital solutions, highlighting the company's commitment to innovation and excellence.

Learn how Orica's digital solutions are transforming mining operations worldwide, enhancing efficiency, safety, and sustainability. From predictive analytics to real-time insights, their suite of digital tools empowers mining companies to harness the power of data for optimal performance. Explore the convergence of technology and mining with David as he introduces Orica's cutting-edge innovations, such as the Integrated Extraction Simulator (IES), which is transforming the way mines enhance their operational efficiency.

Get valuable insights into the future of mining and learn how Orica Digital Solutions is leading the charge towards a more efficient and sustainable industry. Don't miss out on this exclusive interview packed with industry insights and cutting-edge innovations. Watch, like, and subscribe to Mining Now for more episodes uncovering the latest trends and developments in the mining world.


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