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Brandt’s Fleet Management System in Action: Victoria Gold Corp's Payload Success

In this episode of Mining Now, host Jerrod Downey welcomes two guests: Jim Thompson, VP of Sales at Brandt, and Andrew Ballance, Manager of Mine Operations at Victoria Gold Corp. They discuss the implementation of a Fleet Management System (FMS) at Victoria Gold Corp and its impact on their mining operation.

Victoria Gold Corp, located in Central Yukon, began commercial production in September 2019, but faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They operate a traditional open-pit mine with shovels, loaders, and haul trucks, and the FMS helps optimize their operations by providing real-time data to operators and management.

Brandt, as the provider of the FMS, worked closely with Victoria Gold Corp during the implementation, ensuring the system's success. The collaboration involved multiple teams and required ongoing support and training, demonstrating the importance of having a strong partnership when implementing new technology. As a result, Victoria Gold Corp achieved a 7.8% increase in payload, improved safety by preventing overloads, and enhanced overall operational efficiency.

The conversation highlights the significance of data-driven decision-making and ongoing support in the successful implementation of mining technology.

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