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In the Tunnels with MASPRO: Innovations in Mining Engineering

"With a decade of experience in mining, underground, and oil & gas sectors, Tony gives us a peek into his role as Engineering Manager, where he spearheads creative design and leads engineering endeavors at MASPRO's impressive manufacturing facility in Condobolin. The episode kicks off with an exploration of MASPRO's background, its role as a supplier of re-designed parts for underground hardrock mining, and a glimpse into their intricate manufacturing process.

Innovation, Design Precision, and Team Collaboration at MASPRO Tony sheds light on the intricate process and R&D at MASPRO, highlighting the sales team's efforts to gather client information for product improvement. The discussion delves into the challenges of working underground and how MASPRO designs parts tailored to withstand these harsh environments. Tony also reveals the company's innovative use of data, including 3D scanning and CAD technology, to create parts that meet the unique demands of the mining industry. The episode concludes with insights into MASPRO's collaborative team culture, emphasizing problem-solving, effective communication, and the passion behind crafting each part.

MASPRO's Commitment to Quality, Customization, and Technological Advancements The final segment explores MASPRO's commitment to quality and design, highlighting the company's capability to create new, customized solutions that evolve into mainstream products. Tony delves into the complexity of designing parts that cater to clients' specific needs and the importance of using the best materials. The episode wraps up by emphasizing MASPRO's passion, precision, and collaboration in manufacturing, offering a glimpse into the team's problem-solving dynamics and the role of communication in fostering a thriving team culture. Dive into the world of engineering excellence and mining innovation on ""Mining Now"" with Jerrod Downey and MASPRO's Tony Waterman.


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