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Interlate - SaaS Solutions for Sustainable Mining

"Interlate combines its Software as a Service (SaaS) offering with extensive industry expertise to empower mining professionals in making informed decisions, boosting operational productivity, delivering superior returns, and fostering a shift towards a sustainable future. The key lies in unlocking untapped productivity within industrial assets through a blend of data science, subject matter expertise, and operational experience.

In the opening segment, Jerrod dives into David's background, explores Interlate's role in Vancouver, and delves into the company's focus on mineral processing. The conversation then shifts to technology, solutions, and services, exploring Interlate's digital transformation journey and its commitment to creating customized software solutions. The interview touches upon Interlate's global reach, the link between data and science, and how the company collaborates with partners to address industry challenges.

Sustainability takes center stage as David provides a quick education on carbon emissions, their types, and the three scopes involved. Interlate's role in reducing and tracking carbon emissions is highlighted, positioning the company at the forefront of sustainability and climate tech. The episode concludes with insights into the future, with discussions on the evolving landscape of digital transformation in the mining industry, Interlate's vision for the next five years, and an outlook on the mining industry's trajectory in the coming years. Don't miss this insightful episode of ""Mining Now"" as we explore the intersection of technology, sustainability, and the future of mining with Interlate and CEO David Meldrum.


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