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Peace On Earth This Christmas

Peace on Earth by Jerrod Downey

It is almost impossible this Christmas to not think of the struggles in the world. War, greed, and hatred seem to dominate our media. Virtues like honesty and compassion seem to be hidden somewhere behind ambition and self-advancement.

As individuals, companies, and even countries we can get caught in this to a point where we question our own values. It becomes hard to remember Santa Clause was really Saint Nicholas who reached out to the poor and needy. We focus on the value of the gifts we buy rather than time we spend with family and friends. We allow fear and anger to stifle our compassion for those in countries far away that suffer under the hand of tyranny and injustice.

This Christmas we hope you find the time to be with those you hold dear.

We hope you remember the men and woman who serve overseas to protect our freedom and the lives of the innocent.

We hope you take a moment to pray for peace and goodwill to all men.

And hopefully in the busy holidays you find the time to say…Happy Birthday!

From all of us at Savona Equipment we want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.