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Rotary Screens

New & Used Rotary Screens for Sale
Savona Equipment sells rotary screens for solid-liquid separation, perfect for the pretreatment of wastewater, topsoil, sand, and gravel. We sell self-cleaning external cleaning scraper and internal pressurized wash water systems for thorough cleaning of the filter drum. Rotary Screens are pre-treatment polishing equipment in the process of removing solid-liquid waste through a filter drum formed by a grating or perforated mesh of different apertures depending on the type and amount of solids being treated. We buy, sell and consign Rotary Screens of industry's trusted manufacturers like Pioneer and Buhler.Rotary screen task is to remove the solids carried by the water in order to avoid obstructions and mechanical problems in the plant. Rotary screens are stand-alone units with self-cleaning systems and automatic drive operation. Included parts are the filter drum, filter body, drive unit, screened water reservoir, and cleaning system