Solvent Extraction Train 1:

  • 140kg copper/day (2014) electrowinning capacity. Pilot plant used in 2015 for
    processing leaching solution from ammonia leaching on copper and zinc. Constructed in
    Bulgaria under Dutch supervision. All processing tanks and mixing settler units are built
    from polypropylene and piping is in polypropylene or PVC. Setup consists of 6 skids(20
    FT metallic frames, with truck plastic covering) holding all of the equipment, a rectifier
    room (2000A, 12V) and a porta cabin with Scada computer and small laboratory. All
    skids come with a leakage container underneath the equipment.
  • Skid 1: (2150 x 5600 x 3000mm) Extraction Stage mixer settler unit (4m3/h
    PLS)followed by floatation column
  • Skid 2: (2150 x 5600 x 3000mm) Loaded organic tank followed by Washing stage for
    loaded organic.
  • Skid 3: (2150x 5600 x 3000mm) Electrolyte filters (2x) Electrolyte holding tank. Demi
    water production installation Filter press. Agitated vessels for crud treatment
  • Skid 4:(2150 x 5600 x 3000mm) Stripping stage mixer settler unit followed by floatation
    column. Heat exchanger + heater for heating electrolyte. Mixing tanks for cobalt sulphate
    and guar. Electrolyte buffer tank.
  • Skid 5: (2150 x 5600 x 4000mm)4 Electrowinning cells. Busbars. Hoist for removal of
    cathodes 20 anodes (lead)20 cathodes (stainless steel).
  • Skid 6 Porta cabin (control room): (2400 x 6000x 2200mm) PLC cabinet and control PC.
    Tables for laboratory work. Several other facilities. All Skids have their own PLC, and are
    connected to each other through Profibus.
  • Location: Europe

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