Title: Netzsch 10 HP Progressive Cavity Pump

Description: NEMO progressing cavity pumps are utilized in various industries to convey many types of fluids in a continuous, low pulsating manner, while maintaining an accurate flow.

Make: Netzsch

Model: NM063BY0214V

Year: 2009

Condition: Very Good

Equipment Details:

               Motor: 10 HP 

               Shipping Dimensions: 106in Long x 15in Wide x 19.15in High

               Shipping Weight: Approx. 500lbs

General Model Specifications:

  • Nord Drive System
    • 10 HP (7.5kW)
    • 230/460 Volt
    • 25.8/12.9 Amps
    • 1735 RPM
    • TEFC
  • Capacity
    • 40 US GPM Flow Rate
    • 9.8 m³/h 
  • Pressure
    • 130 psi Max
    • 8.9 bar Max
  • Speed
    • 550 RPM
  • V Pin Joint for Longer Service Life under tough operating conditions

Location: British Columbia, Canada

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