• System was taken out of an operating silver refinery which shut down because the owner retired. It was carefully removed and painted to protect it from the weather.  The furnace and crucible have been stored inside to protect them from rain and snow. Package includes the following.
  • McEnglevan Mfc. Co. B-70 Speedy Melt Furnace.
    • Relined with new refractory and is in good condition.
    • Crucible is used in in good condition.
    • Fueled with gas with a nominal heat value of 950 BTU/cu. ft.
    • Will work well on propane.
  • Cantilever extraction handle.
  • Mating blower and connecting air and gas piping.
    • 220 volt.
    • 3 phase.
  • Furnace was manually controlled by the operator using valves to control air and gas flows.
  • Cast Iron Molds included:
    • One 2 depression 10 ounce silver mold.
    • Six each 10 and 25 ounce silver molds.
    • Two each 100 ounce silver molds.
    • One each anode mold for silver refining cell.
    • One each conical mold to separate metal from slag on first melt.
    • (See photo 11).
  • Hood and off gas extraction system was suspended from ceiling during operation.
    • 5 ft. wide, 9 ft. long, and 3 ft. tall.
    • Underside showing the “I” beam on which the trolley ran that was used to remove the hot crucible. (See photo 15)
  • Location: Central U.S.A.


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