Hippo L63 Hammer Mill

  • Make: ABC Hanson (Africa)
  • Model: Hippo MH63-F
  • Year: 2017

  • Feed Tray
    • Length: 700mm
    • Width: 650mm
    • Material is fed directly onto tips of rotating hammers, in direction they are rotating eliminating need for chopping knives

  • Hammers
    • Beater Centres: 22
    • Number of Tips: 44/88  
    • Rotor RPM: 2400 RPM
    • All Milling Tips Manufactured out of Bennox or Hardox to ensure long lifetime of wear parts

  • Mill
    • Capacity: 3000kg/h (Clean Maize Through 1.6mm Screen)
    • Screen Area: 5,788cm²
    • Dimensions: 2040mm Long x 1295mm Wide x 1805mm Tall
    • Weight: 550kg
    • Frame With Fork Pockets
      • Frame: 41" Wide x 78" Long
      • Fork Pockets: 7" Wide x 3" Tall
    • Bolt Together Construction for Long Life and makes replacing parts quick and easy
    • Bennox Steel Wear Plates for extra long life and multi faced surface
    • Product Discharged into bottom of mill either for conveyor or airline which sucks material out of screen to a cyclone

  • Screens:
    • (2) 0.6mm
    • (2) 1.2mm
    • (2) 3.0mm
    • (1) 5.0mm
  • Square D NEMA 3R Enclosure Contents:
    • Size 3 Disconnect Switch
    • Square D Size 3 Motor Starter
    • Hammond 100VA Control Transformer
      • 600-480 Primary Volts
      • 120-240 Secondary Volts

  • Motor
    • Worldwide TEFC 3 Phase
    • 75 HP
    • 230/460 Volts
    • 1780 RPM
    • 365T Frame
  • Description: The Hippo L63 mills are fabricated rather than cast iron mills. Its common feature includes a very wide and long opening where product can be introduced along the entire length of the milling chamber and onto the rotating tips which smashes the product against the back milling plate. In all cases this back milling plate is constructed of Bennox steel for extra-long life and multi faced surface. Product is discharged to the bottom of the mill either into a conveyor or into an airline which sucks the milled product from the screen and with negative pressure through a cyclone where the product is bagged off once it has passed through a rotary valve, sealing off the air and allowing the excess air to escape through the fan and either into the fresh air where dust is not problematic or rather through a dust manifold system where all fine particles are filtered off before the excess air is released into the atmosphere.

  • Location: British Columbia, Canada

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