• Mounted on Freight Liner Diesel Truck
  • 4915 Hours on Rig Since New
  • Engine: CAT 6.6 ACERT Tier 4 Engine:
    • Rated 174 HP Computer Controlled, Variable HP
  • Includes:
  • 12HH Chuck
    • H and H Chuck Jaws
  • Drill comes with a Pratazolli Model KF40 High Pressuer Injection Pump
    • 40gpm/1100psi
  • Rig is Equiped with a Slide Angle Mast to Drill from Vertical to Horizontal
  • Comes with Tripping Auxiliary Winch to Handle Drill Head, High Speed Wireline Winch
  • Drill Rod Tripping done with Hydraulic Pullback Drill Head
  • New Compact Water Swivel
  • Two Spare new Hydraulic Motors
    • (One each for Wireline hoist and Pratazoli Water Pump)
  • Fright-Liner has 237,000 Miles
  • Engine: 5.9 Liter Cummins Diesel
  • The Rig can come with a Skid Mount for Zinex A5
  • Spares & Parts:
    • Hydraulic Filters
    • Engine Oil Filters
    • Rebuilt Kits for Chucks and Rod Holders
    • Guide Bushingd for N and H Rod
    • Mast Roller
    • Spare Chain and Sprockets for Wire Line
    • Miscellaneous Parts
  • Located: Western USA

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