Emico 12B Mucking Machine

  • Make: Emico
  • Model: 12B
  • Rail Gauge: 18 in.
  • Condition: Used - Upper Half Rebuilt, New Hoses, Etc.
  • Includes Operators Platform

  • Eimco 12B Air-Powered Rocker Shovel Rail Mounted Loader will load One to Two Tons of Rock Per Minute in Headroom ranging from 79 to 83 inches.
  • Powered by 5 Cylinder Radial Air Motors to Provide Dependable Power with Minimum Air Consumption.
  • Upper Deck is Easy to Swing for Side Digging and Complete Cleanup of the Muck. Controls are Simple and Arranged for Easy, Safe Operation.

  • Overall Dimensions:
    • Length: 78" (Bucket Down)
    • Width: 34"
    • Height: 51" (Bucket Down)

  • Location: Western USA

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