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Bastone Portable Restroom with Shower ID: 1428397

Bastone Portable Restroom with Shower

Quantity: 2 Units Available

  • Make: Bastone
  • Condition: Used Condition
  • Toilet with Ceramic Bowl & Tank (with Water Saver Flush)
  • Ceramic Vanity Sink with Faucet with Cupboard and Storage Mirror
  • Shower with Curtain
    • Dimensions: 33in Wide x 33in Deep x 81in High
  • Paper Towel, Toilet Paper, and Soap Dispenser
  • Power Outlet w/Dual USB Outlets
  • 110V Electric Ventilation Fan
  • Internal Saucer Light
  • 0.5in Female Inlet Ports for Hot & Cold Water
  • 3in Black Water/Waste Outlet 
  • 1in PVC Water Outlet (For Sink & Shower)
  • Locking Door, Hinged Window
  • Lifting Eyes, Forklift Pockets
  • 50 Amp DELIXI 2-Pole Breaker with Trip Test and Reset

  • Specifications: 
    • Indoor Area: 2.95m² (31.74ft²)
    • Indoor Height: 2125mm (6.97ft)
    • Door Size: 1960mm x 840mm (6.43ft x 2.76ft)
    • Window Size: 500mm x 690mm (1.64ft x 2.26ft)
    • Frame Material: Steel
    • Wall Material: EPS
    • Interior Wall Material: UV
    • Floor Material: PVC
    • Ceiling Material: PVC
    • Pipe Material:
      • Inlet: PPR
      • Outlet: PVC
    • Electricity Facilities: Switch, Receptacle Outlet, LED Panel, Exhaust Fan
    • Bathroom Equipment: Toilet, Shower Head, Sink with Cabinet and Mirror
    • Snow Rating: 6kPa
    • Wind Load: 56 MPH

  • Overall Dimensions:
    • Length: 85in
    • Width: 75in
    • Height: 93in

  • Location: Savona, British Columbia, Canada

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