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Agilent 55B Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

  • Make: Agilent
  • Model: 55B
  • Type: Spectrometer
  • Style: Atomic Absorption
  • Low to Moderate Productivity
  • High ppb to %
  • Up to Approximately 3% Total Dissolved Solids
  • Photon Lamps: 13 Units

  • Description: The Agilent 55B AA is ideal for any laboratory requiring an entry level AA system with advanced capabilities. The double-beam 55B AA features an LCD screen and dedicated keyboard for simple, stand-alone operation. The 55B AA combines rugged, reliable hardware with an integrated software interface for fast, easy operation.

  • Features:
    • Automatic Monochromator, Slit Width, and Gas Selection
    • Two Fixed Hollow Cathode Lamp Positions with Automatic Lamp Selection
    • Universal Mark 7 Spray Chamber/Nebulizer with Mark 7 Burner
    • Deuterium Background Correction and Wide Range PMT
    • Designed for corrosive environments – Sealed optics with quartz overcoated mirrors protect unit from dust or vapors. Optional air purge maintains continuous flow of clean air inside the instrument.
    • Rugged, industrial LCD screen and dedicated keypad suit rigorous laboratory conditions – Unlike touch panel screens, which are susceptible to premature failure.
    • Fast, simple operation – Fully automated wavelength and slit selection eliminate complex alignment procedures. Two lamp positions mean you can measure and pre-warm the lamp for the next element, saving set-up time.
    • Easy lamp set-up — Adjust or replace the background correction lamp without removing the instrument covers.
    • Expandable — Combine with the Sample Introduction Pump System (SIPS) to reduce standard and sample prep time, complete multi-point calibrations online, and quickly dilute over-range samples.
    • Upgradable — Add an external PC and SpectrAA Worksheet software to upgrade the 55B AA to a PC-controlled flame or furnace system for automated multi-element analyses.
    • Compatible with the complete range of AA accessories, including the SPS 4 autosampler.

  • Overall Dimensions:
    • Length: 30in
    • Depth: 22in
    • Height: 29in

  • Location: Savona, British Columbia, Canada

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