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Paul O. Abbe 68in. x 56in. Pebble Mill ID: 441030

  • Model: #1
  • Stainless Steel Exterior
  • Alumina Ceramic Lined
  • 68in. Dia. x 56in. Straight Side
  • 117ft³ Total Capacity
  • Internal Rated 14.7 PSI/Full Vacuum at 80°F
  • Carbon Steel Jacket Rated 14.7 PSI at 80°F
  • Side by Side 18in. Dia. Charge Port with Covers
  • Mounted on Stainless Steel LEgs with Rotary Unions
  • Main Drive 40 HP
  • Brake Drive 15 HP
  • 3-20 RPM Drum Speed
  • Includes 
    • Control Panel
  • Location: Eastern USA

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