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Biogreen 360 Food Digester ID: 229905

  • • Quite, Clean, and Sanitary.
    • Hassle free maintenance.
    • Long lasting formula (1 year).
    • Fully automated operation.
    • Continuous feed.
    • Food waste no longer stored on site.
    • Reduced food source for infestation from trash containers.
    • Easy maintenance.
    • Continuous feed of organic waste.
    • Automated operation and safety interlocks for Chopper and main hopper
    mechanisms ensure safe operation.
    • Agitator Motor:2 HP motor w/ 1.5 kWh, Gear Ratio 130:1 • Chopper Motor:3 HP
    motor w/ 2.2 kWh, Gear Ratio 30:1
  • Location: Eastern, USA

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