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ScrewSucker 125H Diesel Pump ID: 207223

  • Pump Capacity:
    • Large pump capacity combined with a low engine power rating.
    • Capable of pumping unscreened raw sewage water and viscous liquids.
  • Vacuum system:
    • Can handle large quantities of air.
    • Up to 60 cfm, standard is 15 cfm.
  • Discharge and Suction connections Flange: 6” 125 LB. ANSI.
  • Capacity (maximum @ 1800 RPM): 1900 GPM.
  • Head (maximum @ 1800 RPM): 136 Feet. 
  • Engine Type and Make: Caterpillar C2.2 Water Cooled.
  • Engine Power Rating: 23 HP @ 1500 RPM. 29 HP @ 1800 RPM.
  • Pump Type and Manufacture: E 125-H Hidrostal Screw Centrifugal.
  • Required Pump Power: 14.7 HP @ 1500 RPM and 28 HP @ 1800 RPM.
  • Engine Starting System: 12 volt DC manual and automatic level switching.
  • Capacity Diesel Tank: 66 gallons sufficient for 72 hours continuous running at maximum load.
  • Acoustic Canopy: Noise emissions reduced to 60 dB(A) at 23 feet distance.
  • Weight: Approximately 3880 lbs.
  • Canopy Features:
    • The canopy doors can be locked. The canopy serves as a containment vessel to prevent leakage from the unit. The vessel also has a built in oi/water separator. A hand pump is built in to assist in pumping out diesel engine sump and containment fluids. The entire canopy is constructed from galvanized steel sheeting.
  • Near new condition:
    • Hours: 52, 54, and 125.

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