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PinAAcle 500 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer ID: 1132006

PinAAcle 500 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

  • Make: PerkinElmer
  • Model: PinAAcle 500
  • Year: 2019
  • Brand New, Never Used or Plugged in

System Design

  • Monochromator
    • Littrow Design with Motorized Drive for Automatic Wavelength Selection and Peaking
    • Wavelength Range: 180-900 nm
    • Diffraction Grating: 1800 Lines/mm Blazed at 236 nm and 597 nm
    • Grating Area: 64mm x 72mm
    • Reciprocal Linear Dispersion: 1.6 nm/mm (Nominal)
    • Focal Length: 267mm

  • Spectral Bandwidths: User Selectable Automatic Slit Widths of 0.2, 0.7 and 2.0 nm at Optimized Slit Height

  • Automatic Lamp Selection
    • 4-Lamp Mount with Built-In Power Supplies for PerkinElmer Cable-Less Lumina™ Hollow Cathode(HCL) and Patented Electrodeless Discharge Lamps(EDL)
    • Computer-Controlled Lamp Selection and Alignment Via Syngistix Touch™
    • Lamp Elements and Recommended Operating Currents are Automatically Recognized and Set When Lumina HCLs and EDLs are used 

  • Detector: Wide-Range Segmented Solid-State Detector, Including a Built-In Low-Noise CMOS Charge Amplifier Array

  • Background Correction: Built-In Continuum Source Double-Beam Background Correction Using a High-Intensity Deuterium Arc Lamp

  • Corrosion Resistance: All the PCBAs are Conformal Coated for Complete Resistance to Corrosion

Flame Atomizer

  • Gas Controls: 
    • Fully Computer-Controlled with Oxidant and Fuel Monitoring
    • Touchscreen or Keyboard-Activated Remote Ignition System with Air/Acetylene
    • Acetylene Flow is Automatically Adjusted Prior to the Oxidant Change when Switching to or from Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene Operation

  • Sample Introduction System
    • Modular Sample Introduction System Consisting of a Quick-Change Spray Chamber, Burner Head and Nebulizer.
    • The Introduction System is Equipped with a High-Strength Inert Mixing Chamber, Angled to Ensure Proper Drainage.
    • Choice of High-Sensitivity, Corrosion-Resistant, Plastic Nebulizer or Durable Stainless Steel Nebulizer.
    • The Standard Burner Head is All-Titanium, 10cm, Single-Slot for Air/Acetylene Operation.
      • Optional Burner Heads Include: 5cm Nitrous Oxide/Acetylene, 5cm Air/Acetylene, and 10cm 3-Slot Air/Acetylene.
    • The Flame Shield is Polymer-Coated for Resistance to Corrosion from Acidic Fumes from the Environment or From the Samples.

  • Safety Functions:
    • Interlocks Prevent Ignition If:
      • Proper Burner Head, the Nebulizer/End Cap, or the Burner Drain System is Not Correctly Installed
      • Liquid Level in the Drain Vessel is Incorrect
      • Gas Pressures are Too Low
    • Interlocks Will Automatically Shut Down Burner Gases If:
      • Flame is Not Detected
      • Any of the Other Interlock Functions are Activated

  • Control and Data System:
    • User Interface: The Standalone PinAAcle 500 AA Provides Complete Control Through an Innovative Touchscreen Interface with Syngistix Touch™ Software
    • Display: 15”, 26 Million Display Colors, TFT LCD with Embedded Resistive Touchscreen
    • Built-In Computer: The Touchscreen Interface Operates Via a On-Board Computer That Comes with Intel Core i3 3.3GHz with 4GB RAM and 2.5” SATA 64GB SSD
    • Data Handling: Instrument Readings Linear in Absorbance (-0.500 A to +2.000 A), Concentration, or Emission Intensity with Continuously Variable Scale Expansion from 0.01 to 100 Times.

  • Physical Data
    • Dimensions: 
      • Length: 26" (67cm)
      • Width: 25" (63cm)
      • Height: 25" (63cm)
      • Weight: 126 Lbs (57kg)
    • Power: 100-230V (±10%), 50/60Hz (±1%), Single Phase Alternating Current, 800 VA (Max)

  • Location: USA

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