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Scrap Tire Recycling System ID: 57694

  • 10 TPH capacity of plant.
  • Basic feed mixture to consist of:
    • 50 percent truck tyre (tire).
    • 50 percent car tyre (tire).
  • 1200 mm (4 ft.) max tyre (tire) dia.
  • 65 kg (143 lb.) max tyre (tire) weight.
  • Product:
  • Rubber granulates -75%.
    • a) 0.0-0.8 mm.
    • b) 0.8-1.5 mm.
    • c) 1.5-2.5 mm
  • Note: Product size can be changed as per the market requirement.
    • Fabric fluff -15%
    • Steel scrap -20%
  • 3800 kW power requirement
  • 230 volt, 50 Hz/24 V DC control voltage.
  • 400 volt, 50 Hz service voltage.
  • Minimum area required:
    • Open space required for shredding plant, approx. 70 x 75 mtr.
    • Hanger of 40 x 75 mtr for complete granulation plant.
    • Hanger of 40 x 75 mtr for stocking end product.
    • Space required for feed tyre as per customer vision.
  • Plant consist of following.
    • Pre-cutting system to produce tyre chips from complete tyres.
    • A product intake unit for the pre-cut tyre chips.
    • A flat die granulation mill, type 60-1250, with accessories as granulation unit.
    • The FE separation for separation of the steel components from the crushed intermediate product, a mixture of rubber crumb, steel, and textile fibres.
    • The separation and cleaning of the rubber crumb, classifying into fractions and separation of textile and mineral impurities, storage of rubber crumb in big bags.
    • The aspiration plant of the separation/classification phases consisting of aspiration filters, fans, the complete ducting, and the discharge and conveying elements for return of the separated solid matters.
    • The control and switch plant for process control, complete with power circuit and cable material.
    • The compressed air generator for supply of the compressed air required for the process.
    • Complete electrical, control, PLC, cables and required accessories.
    • Including the 2 year or 12000 hrs spares parts.
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