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12 ft Stainless Steel Road Sander ID: 111147

  • 12 ft Stainless Steel Road Sander.
    • 3 in. x 3 in. screen cloth grizzly.
    • 4 hinged covers on top.
    • Manual screw gate.
    • 20 in. wide drag chain conveyor.
    • 5 ft. poly tank mounted on each side.
      • 2 ft. high x 18 in. wide at bottom tapered to 8 in. wide at top.
      • 2 screw on lids per tank (5 in. opening).
      • Approx. 75 gallon capacity.
    • 12V control box to add calcium to sand.
      • Single spray nozzle in discharge chute.
    • Hydraulic drive chain feeder through gear box.
    • Hydraulic drive sand wheel.
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