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Sustainability and Innovation: Hecla Mining's Silver and Copper Ventures

In this episode of Mining Now filmed at CIM Montreal 2023, host Roy Slack welcomes Phillips (Phil) Baker Jr., CEO of Hecla Mining. Hecla, with a rich history spanning over 130 years, has been a key supporter of the mining industry. Phil Baker highlights the importance of organizations like CIM and SME for learning and sharing knowledge within the industry. He also discusses Hecla's Lucky Friday mine and its innovative approach to mining in the face of increased seismic activity.

Lucky Friday, situated nearly two miles below the surface, is among the deepest mines in North America. Hecla invested in the shaft construction to access the substantial ore body. However, the mine faced challenges due to rising seismicity, leading to production interruptions. Phil Baker shares how Hecla developed a groundbreaking mining method called the "underhand closed bench method" to address these challenges. This method not only ensures safety but also significantly boosts productivity, allowing Hecla to control seismic events effectively.

Moving on to Hecla's various mining operations, Phil discusses the Keno Hill mining district in the Yukon, where they are set to become the largest silver producer in Canada. He also emphasizes the company's focus on exploration and innovation, recognizing the importance of continually learning and adapting in the mining industry.

Furthermore, Phil Baker touches upon Hecla's efforts to navigate the evolving landscape of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations in mining. He highlights the company's commitment to being a responsible and community-engaged mining operator. Hecla's leadership recognizes the importance of addressing ESG concerns and supporting local communities.

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