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Sepro Falcon SB1350 Concentrator ID: 1357402

Sepro Falcon SB1350 Concentrator

  • Make: Sepro
  • Model: Falcon SB1350
  • Year: 2008
  • Condition: Used, Reported in Good Condition

  • General Model Specifications:
    • Recommended Solid Capacity: 50-150 TPH
    • Max Slurry Capacity: 200m³/hr
    • Concentrating Surface Area: 1.08m²
    • G-Force Range:
      • Upper: 200 G's
      • Lower: 50 G's
    • Motor Power: 18kW (25HP)
    • Process Water Consumption: 12-20m³/hr.
    • Water Supply Pressure: 2-3 bar
    • Recommended Feed Particle Size: 2.0mm
    • Maximum Feed Particle Size: 4.0mm
    • Maximum Feed Percent Solids: 55-70%
    • Concentrate Slurry Flush Volume: 150 Liters
    • Concentrate Solids Flush Volume: 12,425cm³
    • Dimensions:
      • Length: 1.9m
      • Width: 2.24m
      • Height: 2.07m 
      • Weight: 2,900 kg

    • Applications:
      • Recovery of Gold, Silver and Platinum Group Metals 
      • Recovery of Gold from Cyclone Feed, Underflow or Overflow within the Grinding Circuit 
      • Recovery of Gold in Alluvial Gold Operations 
      • Recovery of Gold from Aggregate Plants

    • Key Advantages:
      • The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and a Dynamic Braking System are Used to Greatly Reduce Offline Time for Concentrate Flushing
      • Flat Lid Modular Design Increases Wear Life and Reduces Downtime as well as Maintenance Costs 
      • Upgraded Standard Fluidization Control Results in a Higher Degree of Machine Management 
      • High G Forces (Highest in the Mineral Processing Industry) Allow for Higher Efficiency and the Recovery of Very Fine Material 
      • Reduced Water Consumption as Only the Pertinent Collection Zone Section of the Bowl is Fluidized 
      • Greater than 95% Mechanical Availability, Extremely Low Operating Costs

  • Location: Australia

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