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Mine 4160V 750 kVA Portable Substation ID: 216141

  • Rugged steel enclosure for mining applications.
  • Lifting and hoisting lugs with 10x safety factor.
  • 4160 to 600 V, 3 phase, 750 KVA copper wound dry type transformer with structural steel bracing for mining applications (cleaned, tested and reused).
  • 3 x 5 KV mining connectors for 5 KV input, feed through and 5 KV miner power.
  • 5 KV vacuum contactor and controls for 5 KV miner output.
  • Steel wireway for main 600 V insulated bus.
  • Separate 600V, 800 Amp main breaker compartment for isolation of 600 V feeder panel.
  • 6 X 600 V feeder circuits controlled by vacuum contactors and controls.
    • 3 x 225 Amp mining outlets.
    • 3 x 125 Amp mining outlets.
  • Separate enclosure for access to 600 V vacuum contactors.
  • Separate enclosure for access to 600 V feeder breakers with dual hinged doors to cover 600 V terminals and wiring.
  • Recessed location for breaker operator handles and circuit controls.
  • Remote operator handles for safe operation of breakers from outside the enclosure.
  • Ground fault and pilot wire protection relays on every 600 V feeder.
  • Neutral ground resistor with resistor failure detection and ground fault detection on main 600 V.
  • LED indicators for phase voltage on all 600 V outlets.
  • LED indicators for phase voltage on 5 KV bus.
  • Digital metering of V, A, W, etc on 5 KV miner output
  • Digital metering of V, A, W, etc on 600 V main bus.
  • Kirk Key and electrical interlocks for doors and disconnects handles.
  • Location: Eastern Canada.

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