Marcotte STM-1500 Diamond Drill

  • Make: Marcotte
  • Model: STM-1500
  • Condition: Used, Reported in Great Condition "Ready to Drill" 
  • 200HP Power Pack
    • Power Output: 200HP (150kW)
    • Voltage: 480 Volts
    • Amperage: 300 Amps
    • Phase: 3-Phase
  • PQ Head and Spare HQ Head
    • Capable of Using B,N,H, and P Rods
  • Complete Drill With Bean Pump
  • E-Stops and Advanced Laser Barrier
  • Guarding for Top Tier Mining Operation Safety Standards
  • Meticulous Servicing and Maintenance 

  • General Model Specifications:
    • Drilling Capacity
      • Max B: 2,000m
      • Max N: 1,500m
      • Max H: 900m
    • Max Force: 9,322 Nm
    • Total Weight: 2,358 kg
    • Electric Motor: 125 to 200 HP
    • Speed: 2-Speed, ​1500 RPM Max

  • Description: The STM Drill Rigs were designed in Val d’Or, Canada and tested in Underground Drill Sites all over North and South America. Their Exceptional Reliability and Performance make the STM models the Ultimate Drilling Solution. Their sturdy mechanical components and Marcotte's Unique Drill Head design are Easy to Maintain with Patented Safety Features and Optional Rod Handler, the STM-1500 is the best option for your budget.

  • Location: Central USA

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