Hy-G Placer Series gold concentrators are the ultimate fine gold recovery machines for the placer miner.

  • Hy-G P21 Features:
    • Hy-G Placer Series centrifugal concentrators are engineered specifically for the recovery of very fine gold in alluvial placer applications
    • Recovers ultra-fine flat flake gold.
    • Provides excellent recovery of other precious metals and minerals in placer applications.
    • Expected recovery is over 94% of gold as fine as 44 microns (325 Mesh)
    • Will continuously concentrate up to 24 hours before clean-out is required in most applications.
    • The Placer Bowl designed to continually upgrade the concentrate by capturing incoming gold particles and rejecting lighter black sand particles producing a super concentrate at clean-out.
    • The placer gold concentrator is specifically engineered to handle larger feed sizes, wide fluctuations in feed rates, and variations in size and shape of gold particles.
    • Simple and safe control system for ease of operation and reduction of down-time in harsh or remote locations.
    • Stainless steel bowls reduce wear and provide optimal performance throughout the life of the bowl.
    • Made in Canada
    • Global Shipping Available
  • Specifications:
    • Max Capacity: 60 TPH
    • Typical Efficient Max Capacity: 30 TPH
    • Bowl Size: 533mm (21 inch)
    • Recommended Feed Size: -5mm (.20 inch)
    • Motor: 7.5 HP (Hz and Voltage per customer request)
    • Estimated Water Consumption: 435 lpm (115 gpm) @ 35 psi.
    • Estimated Clean-out Intervals: 1 Per 8 to 24 hours.
    • Weight: 1084 kg (2,388 lbs)
    • Dimensions:
      • 1346.2 mm x 1549.4 mm x 1956 mm High
      • 53-inch x 61-inch x 77-inch High
  • Location: Western Canada

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