HotRot Turn Key In Vessel Composting System

Throughput capacity of 1.8-2.5 tonne per day each when supplied with an integrated feed hopper or 1.0-1.8 tonne per day with a less efficient bin-lifter feed unit.

Make: Hot Rot

Model: 1811 (x2)

Year: 2011 (One Unit) and 2017 (One Unit)

Condition: Excellent

Equipment Details:

                Control Type: Fully Automated

               Motor: 7.4 HP (5.5kW) Main Drive, 20 HP Motor on Custom Grinder - All Equipment Operates on 480 Volt 3 Phase Power

               Shipping Dimensions: 12.8m Long x 2.2m Wide x 2.3m Tall

               Shipping Weight: 11,500kg

General Model Specifications:

  • 2 x HotRot 1811 In-Vessel Composters
    • Fully Modular
    • Nominal Capacity: Up to 2.5 tonnes a day Each
    • Fully Automated Control Center
      • High resolution colour touch screen with mimic display, graphical data trends, parameter settings, alarms, multiple language option and online connectivity option
      • Equipped with monitoring equipment that provides on-line diagnostic facilities
    • The HotRot 1811 unit consists of a steel/stainless steel u-shaped insulated hull, capped with fibreglass insulated lids
      • stainless steel central tine-bearing shaft runs longitudinally
      • Rotates both directions to ensure even mixing and distribute heat and moisture
    • Power Consumption: 26kWh/tonne
    • Periodic Air Injection provided by externally mounted low pressure system
    • Residence Time of 10-12 Days
    • Does not produce Leachate
      • HotRots produce a small amount of condensate which can be used for irrigation, wetting maturation piles or discharged to sewer
    • 50-70% Volume Reduction
    • Compost is highly stable - needs no curing unless packing for resale
    • HotRot unit may require an operator for about 1 hour per day
    • Low Noise: 75 dB Typical while in use
    • FootPrint: 120m³ includes feed hopper, biofilter, feed and discharge augers
  • 1 x HotRot Screwtech Infeed Hopper
    • Able to handle 2 Days worth of Processing Capacity 
    • Enclosed to reduce Odour 
  • 2 x Infeed Augers
    • Enclosed to reduce Odour
  • 2 x Outfeed Augers
    • Enclosed to reduce Odour
  • 2 x Bio-Filtered Air Pumps
    • A bio filter package incorporating a condensate tank and plenum floor is supplied with each unit
    • Biofilter media is required in addition
    • Eligible for HotRot’s Odour-Free Guarantee
  • 54" Trommel with Infeed Hopper
    • Wired for 230V 1 Phase Power


Location: Western Canada

Description: The HotRot 1811 is a horizontal, continuous agitation, flow through, in-vessel composting system. The 1811 includes an enclosed hopper for automated, regular, periodic feeding of the system, as well as a rotating shaft with tines for aeration and mixing. The system monitors the compost’s temperature, pH, and CO2 level, and regulates the levels using an exhaust fan, which produces further aeration as required, as well as avoids leachate by removing excess moisture. The fan is attached to a bio-filter, guaranteeing no odor from the system’s output air. The resulting compost is discharged into an auger for further breakdown of the product.

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