• HPC-30 fine gold recovery: The ideal solution for small-scale and start-up mining operations, the HPC-30 recovers fine gold and flour gold particles that are typically lost by other machines.
  • Most advanced gravity recovery systems: The EXTRAC-TEC HPC-30 Heavy Particle Concentrator is one of the most advanced gravity recovery systems available. The HPC-30 system offers unbeatable recovery rates for fine gold recovery in Alluvial Mining or Placer Mining applications, whether for Small-Scale or Artisanal Mining operations or for bulk sampling.
  • Applications: The design of the HPC-30 also makes it suitable for a broad range of heavy particle concentration applications including gravity concentration of minerals such as tin or cassiterite, copper or malachite, lead, silver, garnets and most other minerals, metals and gemstones.
  • The HPC-30 recovery unit is offered with a choice of feed systems to accommodate a broad range of applications, sites and operating conditions. As your operation grows and more capacity is required, additional modules can be added and integrated into a high capacity solution.
  • Up to 98% recovery rate of Gravity Recoverable Gold is routinely achieved with retention of free gold particles as small as 50 microns (300 mesh).
  • Chemical-free operation minimizes environmental impact.
  • The HPC-30 and matching AF-30 and FC-30 feeders are fully mobile and can be set up and running within hours.
  • Flexibility / choice of feed system – AF-30, FC-30 or your own Feeder.
  • The HPC-30’s versatility allows it to be used for almost any Mineral Concentration and many gemstone recovery applications, as well as for exploration, sampling and ongoing production.

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