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Mobile Cranes

New & Used Mobile Cranes for Sale
Savona Equipment is a mobile crane supplier worldwide. Mobile telescoping cranes are "a cable-controlled crane mounted on crawlers or rubber-tired carriers" or "a hydraulic-powered crane with a telescoping boom mounted on truck-type carriers or as self-propelled models”. There are 5 main types of mobile cranes.
Hydraulic Truck Cranes are considered the standard in mobile cranes, they lift thousands of tons using hydraulics which rely on forces transmitted through oil pushing the boom's pistons in opposite directions.
All terrain cranes are multi-functional cranes designed to be driven on both smooth paved highways or off-road at speeds up to 40 mph.
Rough Terrain Cranes are a type of hydraulic crane. These cranes are designed to operate specifically off-road on rough terrain thanks to their all-wheel drive capabilities and rubber tires.
Crawler Cranes are a tracked mobile crane that come with either telescopic or lattice booms. Crawler crane tracks provide additional stability, allowing a crawler crane to operate without the use of outriggers, though some models do include them.
Carry Deck Cranes are generally smaller mobile cranes that travel on four wheels and are capable of rotating their boom a full 360-degrees.
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