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Deister 999 Triple Deck Mineral Concentrating Table ID: 677964

  • Package Includes  
    • Deister 999 Triple Deck Concentrating Table
      • Rubber Tabletops in Very Good Condition
    • Tabletop Decks can be Individually Adjusted for Cross Slope, and also can be adjusted as a group. Longitudinal Slope can also be adjustable.
      • Adjustments are Made by Built in Hand-Wheels 
    • Approx. 12 in. Diameter Sand Screw
      • Built into and Supported by Trailer 
      • Dewaters the Tails from the Table and to Provide Water Suitable to be Recycled back to the Feed Pump and Sump to Reduce the Water Demand of the Operation 
    • Fold Down Catwalks and Walkways 
      • Allows Walk Around Safe Access to all Sides of the Table 
      • Folds Up to Legal Width for Easy Transport 
    • Fold Out Hip Roof Panels 
      • Easily Pushed out and Latched by a Single Person and Provides Protection to the Table and Work Area 
    • Motor Control Center 
      • Sufficient Electrical Breakers and Magnetic Starters to Run the Table, the Variable Speed Sand Screw, and Feed Pump 
    • 2 x 240V/120V Dry Transformers 
    • Auxiliary Lighting and Power Tools 
    • Additional Operating Area of Approx. 8 ft. x 10 ft. Available in the Rear of the Trailer 
      • Adjacent to the Wall Mounted Motor Control Center
  • All Mounted on 40 ft. Custom Built Operations Semi Tandem Axle Trailer 
  • Designed to be Powered with 480 Volt 3 Phase Power and 2 in. to 3 in. Waterline
  • Location: Western USA

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